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Joyful meals for the whole family

Seriously succulent, crunchy, perfectly seasoned, Tender'lish is the perfect centerpiece for balanced meat-free meals!

Our Crunchy Chik'n Tenders have won the Great Taste Award 2023 in the United Kingdom. Tender'lish is quick to make and easy to love (with guaranteed smiles all round)!

So tasty we won a Great Taste Award!

And what did the judges have to say? "A generous-sized, golden bite, a perfect balance of coating to protein and a meaty texture that temporarily made the judges forget they weren't eating chicken!" and "Lovely looking... The cut and bite are 'meaty' and fulsome in the mouth... delivers well as a meat free option as a quick meal. A step up in meat-free alternatives."

Stay tuned for nutritious and flavourful recipes crafted by our expert chefs, coming soon to Tender'lish.

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We've got you covered in Nutrition

Rich in protein and calcium, a source of fibre and iron, our products are not just tasty but also packed with nourishment for you and your family.

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How did Tender'lish get so tender and juicy?

Because our range is crafted from skimmed meadow milk! Our meadow milk comes from farms where the cows graze in pastures for at least 120 days a year (from spring to autumn) and for at least 6 hours a day. This is why our products have the meadow milk warranty seal!

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Delicious vegetarian chik'n.
Because it's made with milk. 
That's Tender'lish!

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